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JobFAIR 2017


JobFAIR 2017

It is no secret that we spent a fair amount of time preparing for this event, because IT really matters to us. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering association EESTEC organizes this opportune fair every year. The association is made up solely of hard-working students who have the drive to make a difference and connect students with the real ICT sector.

EESTEC aims to gather a great number of young prospects and thriving ICT companies under one roof for 2 executive days. Students use the opportunity to find out “what’s out there” in the job market, gain useful skills in workshops and accumulate enough knowledge to be able to discern what direction they would like to take after graduating.


Both sides get to know each other better and create lasting relationships as we all end up being part of the same crowd one day. Many find suitable internship opportunities or hear a life-changing advice.

Mistral remains a strong partner to EESTEC activities. We had many things to offer this year to all who came by our booth, but our coding boot-camp Gigi School of Coding was definitely the talk of the fair. It is a special, intense, full-time course during which newbie coders become not so newbie coders ready to work for a big IT company. The course lasts for 3 months and is held once a year.

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The mentors in charge to take your skills to another level and get you familiar with the complete development process were presented as superheroes at our booth, because that is how we see them. We also gave out some mock questions to all interested in applying to the Mistral coding boot-camp, because in order to become Gigijevac you need to pass a technical test and a face-to-face interview.

Besides the fun booth filled with appealing visuals, comic-like brochures, interesting gadgets, presents and healthy food, our team had more events on the JobFAIR agenda!

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On the first day of the fair, out Head of Human Potential engaged in a workshop called “Career Speed Dating”, where she had 5 min mock interview rotation going on with all interested to try it out. Every participant gained insightful feedback for their performance.

On the second day, we had 2 more events; the first one was a presentation “Meet the Mistral Super Mentors”. The whole Gigi School of Coding assembly came to introduce everyone to Mistral values, environment and above all - to share more details about the coding boot-camp. The presentation was very popular and interactive.


To top it all off, one of our senior developers, who has been with us from the day one, held a hands-on workshop on “VR with Leap Motion Controller. We tend on sharing our premium experience with our community because we deeply care about student retention in our country.


We want to show them that they don’t have to move abroad to work on the most challenging projects with the newest technologies and for the biggest clients this world knows. We can all grow, together, from right here, and have fun while doing it. There is no place like home.