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Career and entrepreneurship opportunities & mistral

The workforce today is organized very differently than it was only a few years ago.

We are witnessing an increase in teams of different cultural and educational backgrounds working across the globe and on innovative project that require unconventional and creative approaches.

Accordingly, the skillset of today’s workplace requires way beyond ‘technical knowledge’; proactiveness, effective communication, a dose of constant curiosity, willingness to continuously learn and contribute are some of the ‘top of the list’ attributes. Moreover, employee expectations have never been higher.

Having someone guide you in this new, agile business environment towards becoming the best version of yourself and motivate you is invaluable. At Mistral, we cherish a community environment where exceptional talents inspire and push each other; the environment where challenges are exciting and welcome.

This is the notion we wanted to promote to aspiring young generations who filled the conference rooms and halls at every CEO event.


Beyond creating better and happier employees, we aim to create better leaders and innovators.  Doing so will not only radically transform our company over time, but also the future of education and the workforce; It will eventually transform the world we live in.

Together, through events like VIPNight, CoffeeLand, PROCareer, CEO Highschool and CEO conference, we reached thousands of those eager to hear something new and uplifting.


The main event was the CEO conference, the biggest motivational and educational conference in the domain of entrepreneurship and career development in Europe. The aim of the CEO conference is to empower young minds to follow their dreams and use their full potential with no excuses.

One of the main speakers at the conference was Mistral’s CEO Mersed Čamdžić. He pointed out that; ”In your private and business life, one rule goes without exception; Choose your team carefully. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you and share your passions and core values. Treat them as you want to be treated. Help them be the best version of themselves. Grow together.”, and he advised the audience to be aware that "Failure is temporary, but giving up is permanent.“ His messages was well received, earning him the audience’s vote for the best 2017 speaker.


CEO and Mistral partnership was a complete success - bringing the community closer together, creating new friendships, career opportunities and wonderful memories. We look forward to making more happen together and driving positive change in our country.